Why Choose St. Malachy

Reasons for Choosing a Catholic Education

  • Faith-Based
  • Academic Excellence
  • Safe, Nurturing Environment
  • Exceptional Teachers
  • Students Serve the Community
  • Innovative
  • Parental Involvement

Faith Based
Christ is the “principle” of the Catholic schools in the Des Moines diocese. Learning the Catholic faith and respecting each other is reinforced every day.
Academic Excellence
Schools focus on research-based practices that are highly effective for learning. We are uniquely positioned to successfully integrate and exceed the Iowa Core Curriculum. Catholic school students consistently score above the Iowa Assessments and ACT state and national averages.
Safe, Nurturing Environment 
Our schools offer a safe, structured atmosphere where students learn and thrive.
Exceptional Teachers
Our staff is extremely dedicated to faith-based principles, values and high quality education. They are licensed professionals with outstanding credentials.
Students Serve the Community
Students develop a sense of service to others through participation in service projects that instill values rooted in helping others and the community.
Schools are committed to research-based teaching and assessment practices and innovative applications of technology.
Parental Involvement 
We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents are encouraged to be highly involved in their children’s educational experience by participating in a variety of opportunities.